Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Inspired by her childhood memories and harsh experiences, Erika Sanada turned her anxieties and fears into creepy ceramic creatures. Rats and other unidentifiable animals pose in both dark and happy states, with many cuddling with each other, and others holding guns. The artist’s personal experience with bullying led her to explore supernatural movies and animations, something that empowered her and influenced her to experiment with the making of the freaky. These objects stand as the artist’s weapons against her fears and anxieties, representing her “twisted mind” and helping her get to know her dark side.

“My work reflects the weird and the creepy; I am fascinated with the dark side. “Odd Things” is my current body of work and I use ceramic for making bizarre creatures. They have extra body parts such as multiple arms, legs, teeth and ears.  These are how I express my sensitive mind. There are two reasons I create misshapen and abnormal work. One is my bitter childhood and the second is my constant anxieties,” she writes on her website.

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