Amazing retro-inspired drawings by this crazy talented and stunning artist!


Barcelona baised artist, Thani Mara is know for her fashion inspired 70’s retro style illustrations. Some of her signature artworks that she has uploaded on Instagram depict beaches with many people that are playing with the sea or laying down sunbathing on a hot summer day. To be honest, summertime seems to be her favourite theme lately, which i crearly understand. Who doesn’t love summer, beaches and swimming in the beautiful sea.

At first in a quick blink you might think they are old photos especially if you see it from a distance. But then you will realise ( as i did too) they are not photographs but perfectly executed colored-pencil drawings.

This Spanish artist is mixing together her passion and love for fashion with her unique skill of drawing, creating bohemian art pieces that are getting really popular on the web and social medias.

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Menos cara al sol y más sombrillita. 🌈

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