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On this day, almost a century ago, the 35th and second youngest president of the United States was born. The only Roman Catholic president and the only one to have received the Pulitzer Price, John F. Kennedy, has had numerous books written about him and gradually a lot of unknown facts about his life, character and quirks have come to light. Following, is a list of trivia you might not know about the popular president.

1. JFK was the first president ever to dance at an inaugural ball with African-American women

John F. Kennedy

2. The president’s legs were of unequal length,  which resulted in his suffering from chronic back pains.


3. As a big fanatic of the James Bond series, he experimented with with writing a spy novel, himself.


4. Just before his ban on Cuban imports, the president made an order of 1,200 high-grade Cuban cigars.


5. Kennedy was prepared for death four times in his life by a Catholic priest, after three grave illnesses and one serious back surgery.


6. To sign the Limited Test Ban Treaty Sept. 24, 1963, JFK used a total of 16 pens.


7. Four assassination attempts were targeted at the 35th US president, before the last one in Dallas, with him characteristically, stating: “There is no way to keep anyone from killing me.”


8. In WWII, while stranded in the Pacific, he had carved his rescue message on a coconut husk, which he later used as a paperweight in his Oval Office desk.


9. Kennedy struggled to learn French, a language his wife spoke fluently, asking even his daughter’s teacher for help.


10.He was the only president outlived by his grandmother.


11. JFK always traveled with a bathroom scale, as he had an obsession with his weight.


12. Kennedy was the one to have “Seven Days in May” made by Hollywood, going so far as to allow the filmmakers to use the White House grounds for a weekend, as he thought the film would be significantly educational to the American people.


13. According to a poll taking place the week after Kennedy’s assassination, 90 million citizens admitted to have shed tears during the days between the president’s death and his funeral.


14. JFK’s salary of $100,000-a-year was all given to charity.


15. In 1963 JFK met a future President of the United States, Bill Clinton. While a teenager, Clinton got to meet and shake hands with then-current president John F. Kennedy.