Osman with Tiger

Sam Edmonds is a documentary and conservation photographer born in Newcastle, Australia. A few years ago and during the Chobi Mela Photo Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh,he had the chance to visit Robindra Shorbod, a small park in the South West of Dhaka that is home to around 10 street kids. “Street kids that beg for money, collect plastic containers to sell for recycling and most importantly, share every ounce of food they earn with the 10 dogs that live with them,” he explains.

After spending some time with this big, unique family, Edmonds started photographing these kids along with their companions. “In each of these portraits, the Robindra boys are individuals. But together they become members of a family. A family of two species and members of each species that have been swept aside in one of the world’s largest cities. These portraits show the strength, resilience and most of all, the camaraderie between these orphaned kids and the dogs they have adopted,” says Edmonds.

Sumaia with Tiger

Shakil with Jax

Noyon with Bullet

Ladin with Michael

Rabi with Kalu

Al Amin with Michael

Rubel with Romeo