Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Rania Hassan is a Washington-based artist whose work is a complex web of literal and metaphorical connections.

Her recent project, Synchronicity, is a body of work consisted of threads. Threads that connect the real and painted world, existing in both reality and other dimensions. It is a work about time and space. An exploration of how certain things can happen to someone at a certain time. An artistic representation of the “butterfly effect” and the things that randomly spark memories of connections.

For Synchronicity the artist drew inspiration from her mother, her grandmother, and all the generations of women who came before them. Through her fascination with knitting and her love for painting, the artist tries to explore the links between her and these women’s work. By both knitting and painting, Hassan weaves sculptural stories of connections between family and friends. The bond a person forms with their home is shown with the artist’s fingers, depicted on the paintings, and the threads that fall from it. This way they are always connected to their base, despite of where they might actually be.

According to Hassan, everyday experiences are what create our connections to the world. This process is exactly what she tries to understand through her own artistic process. “My work is about levels of connectedness. I paint, draw, and knit to represent these moments. We are all connected somehow,” she says.

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