1. Arthur Shawcross Convicted of murdering 14 victims

by Maria Sofou

The following 10 serial killers have stalked, hunted and brutally murdered their victims – from John Wayne Gacy who sexually assaulted and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men to once listed as America’s most prolific serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas, who confessed to involvement in about 3,000 murders, these 10 men are the definition of pure evil.

Some of their artworks were created whilst they were on death row, others whilst they were examined about their brutal deeds. Mass murderers and serial killers produce poetry and visual art while in prison as “killer art” is often used as a therapy method, a way of further understanding their disturbed psyche and many times as just a way of entertainment for imprisoned individuals.

Definitely not-your-average artworks, these 10 pieces will give you the chills! What do you think?

2. Keith Hunter Jesperson – Convicted of murdering at least 8 women


3. Charles Ng – Convicted of jointly murdering 11-25 women


4. Alfred Gaynor – Convicted of murdering at least 8 women3

5. Ottis Elwood Toole – Convicted of murdering between 6-65 victims


6. John Edward Robinson – Convicted of murdering at least 8 women5

7. Henry Lee Lucas – Convicted of 11 murders6

8. Danny Rolling – Convicted of murdering 8 victims7

9. Charles Manson – Convicted of perpetuating the murders of 7 victims8

10. John Wayne Gacy – Convicted of murdering 33 teenage boys


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