If you are looking for a unique idea then you might want to consider this cloud lamp. The cloud can produce a realistic thunderstorm effect in addition to playing music which makes it ideal for a spooky Halloween party or perhaps recreating Hogwart Castle.

Cloud lamp thunderstorm

Cloud Smart is a creation of designer, Richard Clarkson who turned “cloud based music” more physical. In his design, an angry storm cloud shaped lamp is hung down the ceiling via a wire. For the lightening of the cloud, a long life Philip LEDs are installed inside of it. The music is played via speakers hidden inside the cloud and can be connected through Bluetooth.

The cloud can be activated using a remote control. You can choose the cloud to stimulate thunderstorm when music is not playing. The realistic thunderstorm effect is due to a built-in tesla coil and produces flashes when music is playing.

Cloud satellite add on

The price tag for this product is pretty high, app. $3360. Well don’t be surprised, it comes under the category of art which is usually expensive. There are two other versions of cloud available for a lot less price but with limited functionality: Cloud Satellite Add-on and Cloud Lamp Only.

Cloud Satellite Add-on is used aesthetically with no thunderstorm effect or music playing and a price tag of $240. Cloud Lamp, as name suggests, acts only as a lamp giving the thunderstorm effect with a price of $940. 

See the video below: