We’ve featured Andrew Valko‘s work before and we have to say, each and every one of his series is a revelation of skills and imagination.

As found on Valko’s website, Tom Smart has written a few words that couldn’t describe better the imagery and technique of the brilliant artist, “Andrew Valko’s world is bathed in a dim half-light of a flickering cathode ray tube illuminating the anonymous rooms and barren hearts of their occupants. His intense style elevates sterile spaces beyond the predictable and achieves an astonishing verisimilitude with a quality of languid disengagement. Looking at his paintings is like running your fingers along the blade of a Henckels knife thinking it to be the crease in your pants.”

In his series of nude paintings Valko discusses a few important issues. The artist becomes an observer of how technology and other distractions separate us from or bring us closer (?) to our partners. His characters, are people like you and me, people with anxieties and troubles and sexual desires, who struggle with lovers, lost loves and long distance relationships.

   andrew_valko_knockknock_acryliconpanel_32x35 andrew_valko_getting_ready_acryliconpanel_40x40 andrew_valko_builtinflash_acryliconcanvas_30x40 andrew_valko_for_your_eyes_only_acryliconpanel_16x13 andrew_valko_surveillance_acryliconpanel_27x34 andrew_valko_leaving_early_acryliconpanel_48x36 1347123978Better+SafeThanSorry_web andrew-valko-07 Andrew-Valko-Polaroid-600-1995 Andrew-Valko-Overnight-2002-865x577 7f9cd7742b491b003467d0d4a78237b1 andrew-valko-10 000358 000372 andrew-valko-02 andrew_valko_roombythesea_acryliconpanel_27x41 andrew_valko_midnightsnack_acryliconpanel_20x16 000277 Andrew-Valko-Sleepless-Night-1997 andrew_valko_recroom_acryliconpanel_24 000304 000343 andrew_valko_facebook_acryliconpanel_12x15 000344 valko149 Valko- Surveillance, DUG 21650 Andrew-Valko-Skype-Date-2014-865x577 andrew-valko-08 Andrew-Valko-He-Loves-Me-He-Love-Me-Not