A very interesting oil-painting UK-based artst.

Jason Anderson started his career in art, working on restoration projects like York Minster, Gloucester and Wells cathedrals as part of a stained glass apprenticeship. He quickly progressed onto design work which taught hime to compose and stylize subject matter around a ‘jigsaw’ of painted glass – an approach that still drives his work today.

“I am fascinated by colour and work with a strong palette to create deep impasto effects with the paint.” Explained the artist.

Mr.Anderson relishes the often frantic nature of mixing and arranging the paint in thick impressionistic daubs, and submitting to a process that creates its own detail and form.

This forces him to be bold and decisive; it also produces a kaleidoscope of shape and tone (reminiscent of stained-glass) which portrays the ever-present movement and energy found in nature.

“This approach creates a painting which, like the landscape, is constantly changing. So when you move around the room and the ridges of paint catch the light, there is always something new to see.”