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A neighborhood in Istanbul is much better than yours and its residents are probably the best people in the world!

A team of people from Samsung, the Leo Burnett ad agency and the residents of the neighborhood organized the most beautiful surprise for their deaf neighbor, Muharrem. Samsung and the ad agency spent a month setting up cameras and teaching people living in the neighborhood sign language.

On the day of the surprise, Muharrem and his sister Ozlem left their house to go for a walk. Muharrem was stunned to meet random people on the street communicating with him in sign language. Meeting so many signing people, who also took the time to talk to him even if they didn’t know him, really shocked him.

Muharrem and Ozlem finally stopped at the town square, where all the people that they met on the street came to hug Muharrem.

The ad was designed to raise awareness about Samsung’s new call center for deaf people in Turkey. It was a beautiful and moving gesture that not only raises awareness, but it also demonstrates that there are people like Muharrem’s neighbors who make the world a better place!

via boredpanda

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