Bruce Louis for Art-Sheep

New York-based sculptor Kumi Ymashita has created a new cherry wood sculpture representing a woman sitting in a chair, using her unique technique of shadows. It took Yamashita a couple of months to finish it, starting with sketches that she worked on for the first month in order to get the right arrangement and scale, and then spent another month on carving, sanding and adding the finishing touches, which included painting the wood and building the light fixture. Like all her previous “Light & Shadows” works, this one is as equally an amazing feat. Looking at the sculpture from the front the viewer gets the sense they are seeing nothing more than simple pieces of wood. But if one moves to the side of it, they will immediately observe the elaborate carvings in the chair’s back and legs. When the sculpture is lit from the right angle, then an eidolic form comes out from the shadows.

This is not the only “Chair” piece of Yamashita’s, but it is part of her ongoing “Light & Shadows” project and is already in the hands of a buyer in Dubai.

via mymodernmet


Below you can see some other works of Kumi Yamashita’s “Light & Shadows” series.