Lady And The Tramp

“I had LOADS of fun doing this!”

by Anna Randal

Deviant artist s0alaina (Alaina) has made all of our childhood dreams come true. Because as much as we love our Disney charcters, we’d be lieing if we were saying that we have never thought what our favorite animal leads would look like, should they were humans.

s0alaina illustrates this fantasy, putting a human face to the name, while being true to the original character. Keeping consistent shape language and features, the artist perfectly captures the style of each movie, making her creations dead ringers to the original heroes.


“This is my interpretation of Duchess and Thomas O’Malley if they were human!

I think this one was harder, because O’Malley’s such a bulky character, in face and build, so he makes kind of a funny looking human. And maintaining the 1900-1910s look was hard to do for Duchess because her hair would look much better as a 20s girl~ but I found an appropriate hairstyle”

Jungle Book

“Bagheera and Baloo if they were human.”


“Mittens and Bolt if they were human.”

Oliver And Company

“This is my interpretation of Dodger, Oliver, and Rita if they were human.

The picture looked so unbalanced with just Dodger and Oliver, so I added Rita in there (because she’s one of my favorite animal characters)”


“Terk and Tantor if they were human.”

Disney Horses

The Lion King

“This is my interpretation of Simba and Nala if they were human!

“This is Nala! She’s my best friend!” I originally wasn’t going to draw them because I already have a favorite version of them as humans! But today I thought “WHY THE HECK NOT!” So I did it.

I try to keep character consistency with facial features and colors (with a bit of inspirational flair from the musical).”