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Travis Rice is an artist whose work is a fluorescent paradise of paper rain and waves. His colorful installations are made from thousands of pieces of shredded paper, that form sculptural shapes that hang from the ceiling or pour on the floor.

The artist uses these tiny colored strips as paint, and the air as his canvas. The result of this combination are several “3D paintings” that include an element of motion and vitality. The chaos that characterizes his bright piles of rainbows gives them a life of their own and allows them to provide the viewer with the choice of perceiving them the way he imagines them to be.

Even though the little pieces of paper give the works a constant motion, the installations look like frozen natural phenomena, transferred inside the walls of a gallery. Rice explains what inspired him to work with paper and how this idea came to life, “I am interested in the most fundamental element of the graphic arts, the mark. I am currently exploring the idea of marks as objects and modules that repeat and evolve into larger forms. My installations explore marks as modules that accumulate to create ordered masses. The approach is similar to that of the impressionist painter but the brush stroke has been replaced by individual thin strips of paper that are the resultant product of a mechanical shredder”.

via beautifuldecay

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