beautiful young girl with big eyes

Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi has created a stunning work, digitally ‘distouching’ fashion portraits. Her photo manipulations not only her fascination with surrealism but also her desire to re-explore beauty standards.

“In this project I’ve been analyzing some fashion portraits, how perfect they are. So I made the opposite of retouching, somehow I distouched these pictures of perfect models. This project is connected to surrealist painters point of view: beauty wasn’t enough to give me interest. I love imperfections as much as I love surrealism. These pictures are my little monsters, no one wants to look like them, because they are totally unique.”

Take a look:

beautiful sexy woman with perfect makeup and hairstyle wearing luxury jewelry

Beautiful Face of Young Woman with Clean Fresh Skin close up isolated on white. Beauty Portrait. Beautiful Spa Woman Smiling. Perfect Fresh Skin. Pure Beauty Model. Youth and Skin Care Concept

young woman with long glossy curly hairstyle on a gray background

Beauty portrait of young girl with beautiful hairstyle)