Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

Did you know that Kazakhstan is one of the countries with ideal conditions for growing cannabis and that in fact, in many places of the country, most notably Chuy Valley, the controversial plant grows wild in abundance? That is why the country’s authorities apply very strict laws to drug trafficking, as well as drug use. Imagine their surprise, therefore, when the good people of the capital, Astana, realized that various flowerbeds around the city were filled with a great number of marijuana plants, just under the government’s nose.

People have speculated about whether the cannabis was planted by the government itself in an attempt to trap dealers or by bold individuals trying to earn a free supply of the drug.However, the authorities seem as mystified by the illegal herbs’ presence as the citizens themselves and continue their investigation, with their next step being to contact the company commissioned to maintain the beds, in order to get the necessary answers.

via dailymail