Photorealistic Portraits Combined With 3D And Illusion effects.


This street artist isn’t an ordinary artist who plays around with a can of spray and scribbles on walls. He is known for his street art in 3D, an art which is called “Double Exposure 3D”. Insane51, is a Greek mural artist/painter based in Athens, Greece.

Inspired by huge murals in the city he finalized his first own mural in 2007. At this point he was focused on portrayals and experimental techniques with forms and colours. Afterwards he started specializing himself in photorealism and overlay-murals what is his very own handwriting know. The name is program. The insane aspect of his artworks is the ability to place two murals on the same surface. What is you cannot see with the human eye appears if you look through a 3D glasses. This technique is only possible because of the domination of photorealism and the control of the colours

Insane51 has also painted 2 canvases for the biggest Street Art museum in Europe, called StreetArtToday, and located in Amsterdam. Part of the Sake Tattoo Crew, Insane51 travels the globe, painting walls around the world at various street art festivals and exhibitions. To see more amazing works check out his Instagram page.



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