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Felix Semper is a Cuban American painter and sculptor who gained popularity with his sculpture of the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. which he crafted from thousands of layers of glued paper.

Semper has crafted the stretchable sculpture from hundreds of layers of glued paper, each carefully modeled around a portrait of the late rap icon. The biggie bust can be stretched, twisted, elongated and retracted, warping the notion of it’s aesthetically solid appearance.

“I like to take my sculptures from the art galleries to the public so the average person that normally does not go to an art gallery can be introduced to art,’ he says adding “I have this gift to see 3D in my head and clearly visualize the objects, through the sculptures, I move my mind into the physical world.”

In Felix’s art, there are influences of his legacy from Cuba and recurring elements from the Spanish culture that made an impression on him while growing up. He has chosen to portray Spain in dramatic brush strokes and symbolism. Cuba is often captured with vivid colors.

“It’s already beyond my wildest dreams. I never would have that I would have even been here,” Felix says of his art career. “Anything from now on is just a gift.”

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The Artist Behind The Stretchable Paper Sculptures You Keep Seeing On Social Media

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