Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Canismo is a new art project created to raise awareness about the plight of shelter dogs in Brazil.

The campaign gives dogs the freedom to express themselves and allow their inner artist to be seen, in a bright -literally bright, and adorable way. After having a harmless paint made with cornstarch and food coloring, pour all over their bodies, the dogs reacted by shaking it off onto canvases that were hanged around them. As stated in the description of the project, “the shake of the paint reveals a remarkable exercise of freedom, where each drop of ink bears the stain of prejudice.”

18 unique artworks were created out of the project, which benefits the Procure1Amigo shelter.

Canismo-wet-dog-painting-7 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-8 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-9 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-10 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-4 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-3 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-2 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-1 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-5 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-18 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-17 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-14 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-13 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-15 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-16 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-12 Canismo-wet-dog-painting-11