by Agape Charmani

Dana Trippe is a 20-year-old mixed media artist and photographer from San Diego, California. As she states on her website, she is a woman stuck in the 70s, and that shows, in her striking work.

Trippe photographs girls as if they where old Hollywood stars or from the Woodstock crowd. Her atmospheric, vintage images capture her models and their surroundings in a captivating way, while the quality of her work and her imaginative collages draw the viewer’s attention even more. In her 2015 series for c-heads magazine, Trippe experimented photographing herself using a fishbowl and changing perspectives, that resulted in a series of fun and extremely inventive images.

“A photo is always more appealing to me when it’s put through a distorted or unrealistic perspective. Sometimes it seems appropriate to shoot a moment in time exactly how it is in real life but I seem to be more happy when I’m pushing myself to experiment while shooting… the fishbowl has been my favorite effect so far. I’m no model, but when you´re shooting self portraits there’s no one else to worry about or please but yourself. You can take your sweet time and get as weird as you need to be,” she tells c-heads magazine.

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