The Miniature Museum Consists of 4 Famous Paints: Mona Lisa / The Scream / The Kiss / Girl with a Pearl Earring



We must all, certainly, find ways to keep our minds occupied during lockdown. If what we do is creative, so much the better. Some of us go through old photos, take up home projects, binge watch on Netflix, etc etc. This couple though, Marianna and Filippo, tried their hand on something that we think, not a lot of people tried in the past. That is, to create a miniature museum for their pet Gerbils, Tiramisu and Pandoro.

The creative and artistic couple decided to do this for their 9-month-old pets during self isolation. They recreated immensely famous paintings (mice edition) like the Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.

“My partner and I are Italians living in London,” Filippo said at an interview online. “Marianna works in retail while I am an employee of the V&A Museum. We visit museums and galleries whenever we can. We are interested in the artworks as much as in the way these are displayed. Are the QR codes to engage the public working? How comfortable are the gallery stools? Is there any audio guide? etc. When Marianna suggested to make a sort of doll house for our beloved gerbils as pastime for a lazy Sunday spent locked at home, I suggested to make a small art gallery. She is very good at painting and it was a nice opportunity to keep us busy with a fun project. [Our pets] seemed interested in everything but the paintings, which made us laugh. They explored the space interacting with the stool, the signs and the benches instead,”