by Jonathan Stone

Andreas Varro is a commercial photographer and digital artist and his latest project is extremely juicy!

Inspired by the condom challenge (!) -yes there is such a challenge and people are apparently into it. Varro created a series of pictures with people, using condoms, water and a lot of humor. “Humor and art have always been a thing for me and trying to combine these to grab people’s attention while making them laugh is what makes me love my job,” he explains.

Well, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to have condom splashed on my head!

 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms__880 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms-2__880 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms-4__880 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms-5__880 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms-6__880 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms-7__880 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms-8__880 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms-9__880 i-made-a-funny-challenge-photo-project-with-condoms-10__880 1