Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Unfortunately, men and women are inadequately educated when it comes to the sensitive issues of rape and consent. In today’s society rape is often confused as sex, with the rapists not even understanding what they’ve done. According to RAINN, an anti-sexual-violence organization in the U.S., 47% of rapists are friends and acquaintances of the victims, while 4/5 of assaults are by someone known to the victims.

The lack of education consists of the stereotypical idea of the man in the hoodie, women and men have, and the blurred image many people have about what consent truly is. Even now, the society seems to be failing to understand that a no is a no and that sexual relations necessitate the willingness of all parties involved.

Comic artist Alli Kirkham found a creative and instructive way to clear the question up with a series of 7 comics, illustrating smart allegories of sexual consent issues. Through everyday situations, the artist makes easier for people to understand when, why and how consent can wrongly be taken for granted.


1. You’re staying until it’s over


2. You said you liked it



3. You said you wanted it



4. You’re my wife



5. You said I could have it


6. You’re asking for it


7. You owe me