by Jonathan Stone

Since this site is slowing turning into a Star Wars fanbase we thought of embracing our obsession with the famous saga by remembering some of its hottest moments. By hot we mean, Leia kissing Luke-hot or something, and while we were on it we stumbled upon this series of pictures, depicting a sexy Princess Leia in her gold bikini.

After wearing it on screen in Return of the Jedi, Carrie Fisher put on the “Slave Leia: costume for a Rolling Stone photo shoot in 1983. According to Mashable the costume provoked almost everyone, especially Fisher herself. As she writes in her autobiographical stage show Wishful Drinking, she told George Lucas that she thought her attire seemed a little too revealing. “I told George, ‘You have the rights to my face, you do not have the rights to my ‘lagoon of mystery!'”

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