Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

London based artist/illustrator Holly Wales really knows how to show a work -literally, equal to her profession.

Like a true illustrator, Wales works using colour marker pens. In her various and constantly different work she makes for magazines, ad campaigns and projects, she creates a projection of an image as she see it. The artist’s aesthetic might remind one of old advertising imagery, used for food and personal products.

Wales explores her technique and the content of her subjects, during the process of her work. She allows herself to find the structure and nature of the work while drawing it. The materials she uses to illustrate her work are also a matter of chance, as she likes experimenting with the ways a work can go.

Most of her beautiful hand-made creations depict everyday objects, like fruits and backpacks. Below we feature four of her series: a series of 3 editorial illustrations for a story about Clam Shacks in Cape Cod for Culture & Travel Magazine, a series of editorial illustrations for SZ Magazin, the works she created  or the Turn Up The Colour exhibition at Analogue Books in Edinburgh and a black-and-white portraits set for Travel & Leisure Magazine.

cultureandtravel3 cultureandtravel1 cultureandtravel2 szmagazin1 szmagazin2 motel3 motel1 motel2 time_portrait5 time_portraits6 time_portraits7