Not a lot of people would argue that Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro, of the Ghibli Studio, are both captivating and inspiring. They certainly inspired Monokubo, a Japanese artist, who created a book called Megalophilia.

The word itself, is taken from Greek, meaning “love for large things”. In Monokubo’s case, large animals. As she creates brilliant, digital illustrations, depicting a world, where giant, cuddly animals coexist with humans.

“In most cases, I choose the animals that have left an impression in my daily life,” she explained when asked about the abundancy of cats in her illustrations. “I have a cat and he is very cute.”

And while it is true, that most of her digital drawings present felines, she doesn’t stop there. The Japanese artist has produced some memorable illustrations of wolves, raccoons, bunnies and dogs.

Credits: Monokubo