by Agape Charmani


Barbie just became our favorite children’s toy label as they just released their latest series of Barbie dolls, introducing 3 new lines of the famous doll. Curvy, Tall and Petite are three new collections of different body types featured on the 2016 series. “Girls everywhere now have infinitely more ways to play out their stories and spark their imaginations through Barbie. Along with more overall diversity, we proudly add three new body types to our line. Here’s a look at why we did this, and the team that made it possible.”

Joining the original Barbie dolls, the new dolls will become the best friends of little girls all around the world, as they have the chance to identify with dolls of more shapes and sizes, and more importantantly, careers. That’s right! Barbie President and Vice President are joining the housewives and the shopaholics, showing girls that women can aspire to many things! “From offering products that feature more empowering and imaginative roles to partnering with best in class role models, we believe in girls and their limitless potential,” they write on their website.

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