1. David Pope


2. Jean Jullien

“I am Charlie.”


3. Ruben L. Oppenheimer


4. Boulet

“Ducks will always fly higher than guns.” (Ducks in French is also a slang term for newspaper.)


5. Joep Bertrams

“Unstoppable Charlie Hebdo.”


6. Plantu

“My heart is with Charlie Hebdo.”


7. Neelabh Banerjee


8. Loïc Sécheresse


9. Nate Beeler

10. Bernardo Erlich

“The world has become so serious that humor is a risky profession.”


11. JM:o

“Murderous attack at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo.”

12. Carlos Latuff

13. Niall O Loughlin


14. Magnus Shaw