Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Optical illusions are fun and almost always easy on the eye, aiming to make the viewer smile and not burn his mind with complex compositions, colors and shapes.

Italian Luca Luce though, apart from an extremely talented makeup artist, is also a master illusionist as he creates surreal, three-dimensional artworks on the palm of his hand! Using perspective and shadows, Luce draws his thoughtful creations, influenced by photorealism and with a stunning attention to detail.

His scenes feature almost everything, from rats sleeping on his hand to hooks piercing his skin. His whimsical creations are not just delightful mind-bending tricks, but also a praise to Luce’s exceptional skills.

 lucaluce1 lucaluce2

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lucaluce3 lucaluce4 lucaluce5 lucaluce6 lucaluce7 lucaluce8 lucaluce9 lucaluce10 lucaluce11