Igor Morski creates surreal images imbued with hidden meaning


Igor Morski analyses topics like greed and the cult of beauty, along with the crisis of economic and social values.Just be warned that the author doesn’t mind graphic imagery.

Photo artist Igor has a slightly different view of the world, and he invites you to share this view with his surreal illustrations.The Polish artist is a passionate critic of a modern society.

“Sometimes I used to use popular symbols, such as Pinocchio’s long nose,” Morski told in an interview. “However, most frequently I have tried to think up my own symbols. For example, [my piece] “creative archaeology” is about the commercialisation of archaeology. There, I depict a halved human head filled with the sand with a stylised figure of Indiana Jones, the archaeologist, at the top. The symbolism becomes clear. On the one hand, you have the head filled with the sand, on the other, the figure digging in it.”