by Agape Charmani

The work of French artist Philippe Huart might remind one of a personal diary, a notebook, a series of sketches, as the artist puts both his visual and verbal thoughts into his paintings.

Huart takes a notion and creates an image for it using candy, flowers and guns, depicting this notion as if this is how he sees it in his brain. His glossy images become a bearer of satire, a means to express his instincts. It seems like all the visual information that is bombarding us has been blended, and Huart simply put in order the used ingredients. Commenting on the aesthetics and by achieving a glossy perfection, he creates works of a distorted pop art, aiming to trigger the viewer’s emotions through his images. Focusing on a certain cultural background and media knowledge, he invites the viewer into his own interpretation of the world, creating a much safer and, strangely, a beautiful reality.

“Huart concentrates his efforts on a near-anaesthetizing, almost stupefying level of pictorial investigation where the meaning contained in the image spawns comparisons to conceptual artists. Paradoxically, his vibrantly polychromatic work reflects a quite somber, emotionally moving tonality that seems deeply marked by death,” writes Renaud Faroux about the artist.

 Easy_action_2014_80x80cm11-675x675 Psychose-2013-120x120cm1-675x675 State-of-Fear_2014-HT-100x100_11-675x675 Super_Flower_Power_2006_100x100cm11-675x675 Rock-Attack_2014-HT-100x81_1-675x675 Ready_Rock_2014_100x1001-675x675 Daydream_Nightmare_2011_120x120cm11-675x675 Terminal_Boredom_2011_100x100cmHD11-675x675 Paradise-Circus_2014_100x1001-675x675 Hard_Candy_2012_100x100cm21-675x675 Instant_Karma_2011_100x100cm-HD11-675x675 Riding_the_wave_2014_100x100cm1-675x675 Electric_Shock_2013_100x100cm11-675x675 Heartbeat_Pills-2012-HT-100x100cm-HD11-675x675 Crash_and_burn_2015_100x100cm-675x675 Let_it_Bleed_2010_100x100cm11-675x675 Dream_Spirit_2012_92x73cm-HD11-675x675