Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Julie Sarloutte is a young French artist whose work could be seen as a mixture of traditional technique with pop content.

Using colorful threads on clothed canvases, the artist creates unique artworks that are so carefully made, they give the impression of oil paintings. Even though she practices an “outdated” form of creating, her view on embroidery, her characters and the scenes she works on, are very interesting and fresh. Whether she is using photographs or gets inspired by common objects, Sarloutte does an exceptional job on depicting her models.

The use of various sources as her influence, create a diversity in her technique and her canvas structure. The artist often gets inspired from her life, the cinema and even the media, when it comes to her embroidered characters, mixing elements of folk and everyday imagery. Sarloutte combines the kitsch with the contemporary in works that could be viewed as the successor of old ladies’ baroque embroidery, with our culture being represented by scenes of the modern life, like stills from the Lara Croft movie.

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