Attitudes, 1987. Cones on Fingers, 1995 (1979). (Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery Collection, Concordia University, artist donation, 1995) Attitudes, 1987 . Vanitas - Flesh Dress For An Albino Anorectic (1987) From Here to There, 2003. Installation, 6 DVD Hard Entry, 2004, Unique, 8 elements, hand blown glass (C.I.R.V.A., Marseille), h. 28 w. 36 cm. Courtesy of Caterina Tognon Arte Contemporanea, Venezia. I Want You to Feel the Way I Do ... (The Dress), 1984-1985. Live uninsulated nickel-chrome wire mounted on wire mesh, electrical cord and power Planet, (detail) CIRVA (Centre international de recherche sur le verre et les arts plastiques) Remote control, 1989. Courtesy Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Space time 2, 2003. Ink on paper (two pieces), Seduction Couch, 1986-87. Perforated steel, Van de Graaff generator, electrostatic charge, wood, floodlamp couch- 124 x 74 x 232 cm (Collection- National Gallery of Canada, gift of Ydessa Hendeles) Measuring Tape Cones, 1979. Sculpture, 2 measuring tapes, Atlas, 2002, colour photograph, 38 x 25 cm Attitudes, 1987

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