by Agape Charmani

Jessica Stoller is a sculptor who specializes in ceramics and porcelain. Her porcelain works are bizarre and at the same time pretty. Their fragility, in combination with their macabre features, make Stoller’s kitsch artworks as appalling as it takes for the viewer to comment on their strange themes but on the other hand, to not be able to take his eyes off them.

Juxtaposing various body parts with sweets and flowers,  her series of ceramic works look like they were taken from a tea part that went wrong. This decadence works as an invitation for the viewer to see beyond that. By attracting him with their weird subjects, Stoller artworks trap the viewer into making him see what they are really about. That they are part of a Feminine Grotesque genre that often opens a discussion on issues like femininity and the female artist’s role in the art world.

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