Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Amanda Shelsher is a sculptural ceramic artist based in Perth Western, Australia. Influenced by the concepts of domesticity and growth, Shelsher creates a world of sculptures mixed with notions of decay and despair. Through her human-like figures she explores common perceptions of existence, while she is also drawn to more unconventional beauty standards. Shelsher covers her sculptures’ ugliness with polished details, such as tattoos and makeup. Combining nature themes with her bizarre aesthetic, the artist creates a series of works that make one reflect on issues like birth and life.

“My sculptures have always reflected my life and the current journey that I am on. These intimate works celebrate the intricacies of human nature; they look for an understanding of self and the world around us. My work draws inspiration from my experiences as a mother and watching the growth of my two young children. These sculptures explore the relationship between motherhood and the life-cycles of nature by using plants and motifs from the natural world as metaphors for life. Each piece explores concepts of human instinctive, protective and nurturing nature, as well as notions of home, suburbia, domesticity and growth.  I am always considering the ideal future environment for my children and hoping they can inherit a love and  respect of nature,” Shelsher states on her website.






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