Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

When talking about street art there is an artist whose creations differ from others’. Daan Botlek in his art creates a series of figures interacting and intervening with their surroundings, in ways of an often symbolic, metaphorical nature. Usually found on abandoned, rundown places Botlek’s human shaped forms are white and simply drawn, betraying no gender or individual characteristics and are seen climbing stairs, jumping from windows and skulking beside door frames, assuming a kind of super hero identity.

The Rotterdam-based artist whimsically employs the use of colors and blurry outlining in his figures to imply metaphorical, out-of-body experiences, a feature further reinforced by the uncertainty and openness of its creations’ surroundings. Minimal and unique, Botlek’s street art has a touch of refreshing playfulness that succeeds in spicing up even the dullest and grimmest of settings.

 bangkok1-565x861 e0613c7f314c599f0b5c881471ef9487-565x447 escape-6-565x385 escape-8-565x360 SA_On-the-Edge_Daan-Botlek_Sick-Addicts_2013-565x356 untitled-10-565x457