by Agape Charmani

Camila Valdez is an Argentinian artist based in Buenos Aires. Influenced by a kitsch aesthetic, Valdez creates artworks that depict every day objects and sweets with a creepy pair of female legs.

Valdez’ uses fiberglass and epoxy resins, which she hand-paints, to give her works a surreal glow that makes her objects look real. The artist recreates the concept of desert. Her human-like shapes are sweet, tasty and most of all sexy. Combining childhood memories, happy experiences and imagination, Valdez forms a world of sensuality, as the way these foods attract people can be compared to the way a female body attracts someone.

Even though one can say that her work objectifies the female body even more directly, Valdez doesn’t see it as such, but on the contrary as a playful dive into a pool of innocent fantasies.

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