Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Canadian tattoo and fine arts artist Heather McLean creates dark, mysterious works, focusing on the relationship between the real and the oneiric.

Working as a translator, McLean has the gift to observe and then translate human behavior into art. Influenced by everything that includes life and defines the human race, the artist explores the personal and global notions of existence, illustrating feelings, thoughts and the pure energy of her subjects, McLean creates extraterrestrial worlds of many and different dimensions. In these worlds everything -event the most heinous acts seem to be forgiven and atoned.

Inspired by astrophysics, biology, psychology, physical, mental illness and religions, McLean consciously invites her viewer into a universe with no space and time, a universe where he/she is allowed to dream, investigate and create.

 pyr theheartmakesafoolofthemind





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