Admire 26 Photographs of this Year’s National Geographic’s Travel Photo Contest

The National Geographic Travel Photo Contest, is an annual contest that honors photographers, travelers and explorers, who through their camera lenses, allow us to travel with them. Travel to take a look at serene villages, admire wild animals, awe at majestic landscapes. This year’s winner is Weimin Chu and his “Winter in Greenland”. The prize is 7,500 dollars. Other winners (in other categories) include Tamara Blazquez Haik’s “Tender Eyes” in the Nature category. And Huaifeng Li, who won 1st place in the People Category.

From the results bellow, we can definitely declare that National Geographic Travel Photo Contest did it again. The winners of this year travel photo contest made us literally gifted us photographs from places around the world, to animals and mother nature itself. We cannot decide which photograph captivated us the most. The best thing about this whole contest is, that you can see places, animals, moments you would never had the chance witnessing with your own eyes.

Unbelievable what a camera and one CLICK can do !

Here is a selection of 26 photographs, including all the winners.


1. People’s Choice, Nature: ‘Couples Goals’ By Brian Larrosa


2. Grand Prize Winner: ‘Greenlandic Winter’ By Weimin Chu


3. People’s Choice, Nature: ‘Wildlife Under Lightning’ By Kelvin Yuen

4. People’s Choice, Nature: ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ By Taylor Albright

5. Second Place, Nature: ‘Dream Catcher’ By Danny Sepkowski

6. First Place, Nature: ‘Tender Eyes’ By Tamara Blazquez Haik

7. People’s Choice, Cities: ‘Cat In The City Sky’ By Jonas Chan

8. People’s Choice, Cities: ‘Volcano Emerging From Cloud’ By Paul Rozek

9. People’s Choice, People: ‘The Laugh’ By Jorge Delgado-Ureña

10. People’s Choice, People: ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ By Léo Kwok

11. People’s Choice, Nature: ‘Split Shot Taken Of Crabeater Seals’ By Rita Kluge

12. People’s Choice, Cities: ‘Follow The Light’ By Junhui Fang

13. People’s Choice, Nature: ‘Colorado River’ By Stas Bartnikas

14. Third Place, Nature: ‘Dusky Dolphins’ By Scott Portelli

15. Honorable Mention, People: ‘Mood’ By Navin Vatsa

16. Honorable Mention, Nature: ‘King Of The Alps’ By Jonas Schäfer

17. People’s Choice, Cities: ‘Sunrise Glow Decorates The City In Fog’ By Carlo Yuen

18. First Place, People: ‘Showtime’ By Huaifeng Li

19. Second Place, Cities: ‘In The Age Of Aviation’ By Jassen Todorov

20. Second Place, People: ‘Daily Routine’ By Yoshiki Fujiwara

21. People’s Choice, People: ‘On The Streets Of Bulgaria’ By Kristyn Taylor

22. People’s Choice, People: ‘Cherry Blossoms In The Concrete’ By Lester Lau

23. Third Place, Cities: ‘Streets Of Dhaka’ By Sandipani Chattopadhyay

24. People’s Choice, Cities: ‘Tokyo Life’ By Shan W

25. People’s Choice, People: ‘Beach – Chaung Thar, Myanmar’ By Maciej Dakowicz

26. Third Place, People: ‘Horses’ By José Antonio Zamora