For years now, South African-born and Toronto-based artist Evan Penny has been taking realism to a whole other lever.

Working with silicone, resin, hair and pigment, Penny creates hyperrealistic human sculptures with exceptionally detailed features. From their facial characteristcs to their skin and posture, the artist achieves realistic perfection, discussing issues like the passage of time and the way one perceives themselves.

In his most recent works, he has been experimenting with manipulating his works, creating optical illusions. Digitally editing his works, Penny distorts and reinvents the human figure, suggesting a new way to see people and their identities.

young_self_v1_2011_p1_xl old_self_v1_2011_p1_xl photo_201_xl michael_v3_2010_p1_xl jim_revisited_2011_p1_xl self_portrait_variation_n3_2012_front_xl self_stretch_2012_2012_3_xl study_for_juliann_variation_n2_2013_alt_hair_xl large_murray_01_xl arnaud_2013_front_xl  camille_2014_front_xl