Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Adam Mars is an LA-based artist, a man with a good sense of humor and a true kid of the MTV generation.

One of my favorite things about Mars, is that he seems to know how to perfectly balance between his painted portraits, his surreal representations and his text works, approaching his subject in either a sarcastic or an exploratory way. Humor was definitely the feature used, while working on his Brick Paintings. A series of all-caps slogans and mottos of the artist, commenting on society, culture products, celebrities and -of course, love, that create the manifesto of disappointment and behavioral criticism.

Through his sarcastic “writings on the wall”, Mars narrates the tragic story of existing during the digital era, its unfortunate happenings -like falling in love, and its not-so-inspiring icons. His statements are sprayed in bold, making clear to the viewer their simple, yet powerful, truths that for me are better expressed through two of Mars’ phrases; “Once Upon A Time We Weren’t Stalkers” and “The Future Will Get Weird.”


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Works © the artist and GUSFORD Los Angeles