Perfectly Timed T-Shirts

What is a stroke of good luck? Being at the right place, at the right time, wearing the right outfit. Without having planned any of the above. That is lucky coincidence.

Today, we’ll take a look at a list of pics of people wearing the right (in some cases the “right” is sarcastic) t-shirts, at the right time and place. Thus creating a hilarious result. From four people wearing exactly the same t-shirt. To ordinary people meeting celebrities while wearing t-shirts with their likeness on them.

Whether it is unfortunate or fortunate, sometimes it happens. You wear the right thing, or the wrong thing, at the right (or again, wrong) moment. When it comes to fortune, this time, we are the fortunate ones. Because the instances bellow were captured by photographs! Enjoy.

#1 I Have Had This Shirt For Two Years, Always Wondered Why The Sleeves Were Black. Then I Met This Man At My College

Image source: CXV_

#2 Love Having My Fans Support!! This Little Guy Was Pretty Surprised When He Turned Around

Image source: justinverlander

#3 I’m At The Hospital And I See This Kid And Burst Out Laughing! Had To Take His Pic Which Made All The Other People In The Waiting Room Including His Mom Crack Up

Image source: denver_patton

#4 Right Place, Right Time

Image source: norcal530

#5 My Cousin Met A Victoria’s Secret Model At The Airport. Perfect Day To Be Wearing That Shirt

Image source: trolollies

#6 Shirt

Image source: enohcs

#7 4 Strangers Same Outfit

Image source: superfab96

#8 Chance Encounter

Image source: dwimback

#9 Appropriate Shirt

Image source: Billy7788

#10 Lick It Up

Image source: Robertino_Loreti

#11 Mi Hermano De Pollo! – Walking Through Philadelphia I See This Guy And Tell Him, “Hey Man, Nice Shirt.” He Responds, “Nice Shorts.” Heads Exploded

Image source: CircadianHour

#12 One Of My Friends Was Walking In Tel Aviv With His Basic Instinct T-Shirt When

Image source: BenjaminNet

#13 I Guess The T-Shirt Worked

Image source: CARLOS—7—

#14 We All Know That Guy Who Had To One Up Everyone

Image source: hardonchairs

#15 Urban Camouflage Of Milwaukee

Image source: SmoothHookah

#16 My Friend Went To Disneyland Wearing The Wrong Shirt

Image source: Math_Nerd_

#17 Had A School Lockdown Because Of A Bomb Threat, This Guy Wore Either The Best Or The Worst Shirt

Image source: Vietace

#18 Coincidence?

#19 My Brother Accidentally Wore The Same Outfit As My Daughters Birthday Present

Image source: TheWinterSoldiersAss

#20 My Dad Took A Selfie In Front Of This Man With A “Stop Taking Selfies” T-Shirt On

Image source: MicrowaveSama

#21 That Moment You Realise What You Are Wearing

Image source: HeWentToJared

#22 My Dad Wore This Shirt Out To Father’s Day Supper. He Works In IT. Our Waitress Was Not Impressed

Image source: SatchmoCCS

#23 I Dropped Egg On My Shirt This Morning

Image source: Ninjanaught

#24 My Dog And I Match The Fallout Shirt I’m Wearing

Image source: Lagnaktor

#25 I Didn’t Realize Until After The Picture Was Taken That My Shirt Was Getting Lucky

Image source: chinodelarosa

#26 Something Is Wrong Here

#27 This Person Wore The Right Shirt Today

Image source: InternetPost

#28 Well This Pretty Much Made My Day

Image source: realjknoxville

#29 Many Years Ago My Dad Got To Meet Christopher Reeves. The Man Of Steel Did Not Appreciate His Shenanigans

Image source: HelloFruitBat

#30 So My Friend Checked Into A Random Hotel, And Then This Happened

Image source: wickensworth

#31 A Buddy Of Mine Was Wearing This Ron Swanson Shirt I Made For Him And Met Ron Swanson Himself Tonight! This Is The Pinnacle Of My Own Personal Swanson Pyramid Of Greatness

Image source: art_is_dumb

#32 Another Glitch In The Matrix!

Image source: twister99999

#33 So My Friend Was In A Restaurant Wearing A Bill Murray Tee-Shirt When…

Image source: Garage_Dragon

#34 Funny Coincidence

#35 My Neck

Image source: Gray09

#36 “Hi, I’m Geor- Oh, You’re Wearing A Shirt Of My Face”

Image source: itsjoeco

#37 Never Have I Seen A Shirt So True, Until I Put This One On My Kid

Image source: REDbern

#38 My Nephew Wore This Shirt Today. I Couldn’t Pass Up The Opportunity

Image source: coppertop

#39 Just Me, Levar Burton And My Reading Rambo Shirt

Image source: asdflkjhasdflkjhasdf

#40 Found A Guy Wearing A Shirt With My Doppelgänger On It

Image source: WalterIsTheDude

#41 Damn I’m Good

Image source: omegaman73ia

#42 My Friend Met This Gentlemen At Gallatin Field Airport (Montana, USA) Coincidentally, He Just Happened To Be Wearing This Shirt

Image source: LeTHAL_GrAnDMa

#43 A Cow Seems Amused By My Son’s Shirt

Image source: Jizztrap

#44 This Guys Shirt While Riding In A Truck Bed

Image source: sonpleasestop15