BeFunky Collage (49)

Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

If you are anything like me, then you have, at least once in your life, dragged a wikipedia session for an indefinite amount of time, wandering from link to link and from topic to topic, until you forgot what you had been looking for in the first place. So, for all of you avid wikipedia fans out there, here come 13 of the weirdest, spookiest wikipedia articles.



1. On 1952, in West Virginia there were multiple sightings of a mysterious unidentified being, described as 7 feet tall and emitting a strange glow.


2. The story of Vincent Joyce shocked England, when her remains were found in her apartment, two years after her death, surrounded by shopping bags and Christmas presents ready to be delivered…



3. “The Silent Twins” are a pair of identical sisters communicating only with each other, spending their lives practically as mutes, with an agreement to live a normal life only when one of them was dead, something that actually ended up happening. Cree-py.


5. Did you know that there is a roller coaster, called The Euthanasia Coaster, whose purpose is to kill its passengers? Eh, Final Destination much?


6. Thought to inhabit the space under the Kentucky railway, a “human-goat hybrid with a deformed man’s body” allegedly hypnotizes trespassers to their death by oncoming train or bloody axe.


7. The still unidentified body of a man was found on Somerton Beach, Australia with the phrase “tamam shud” (dead/ended) written on a scrap of paper in its back pocket. To this day, the identity of the man, as well as the circumstances of his death remain a mystery.



8. In a rare mental illness called Cotard delusion, the patients believe they are dead and completely deny their existence.



9. The concept of premature burial is not unheard of, in fact, it has prominently featured in various spooky tales. Such a case was that of an 1885 victim, whose body was found turned over inside its coffin, with its hair pulled out and scratch marks on the insides of the casket.



10. Rats whose tails become knotted with various icky stuff, such as blood, ice or dirt, so that they grow together, their tales intertwined. Or rat kings to you. Just disturbing.



11. The mysterious case of nine skiers’ deaths in Dyatlov Pass, Russia in 1959 is a mystery that remains unsolved. The people were found dead, barely dresses in heavy snow, with no bruising externally, yet heavily fractured bones, while officials have stated that their death was caused by an “unknown compelling force”…



12. Tarrare a French soldier in the 18th century was known for his unbelievable and uncontrollable appetite. The man, able to consume 15 people’s worth of food in one sitting, was reported to have eaten corks, stones, live animals and even human corpses from a morgue.



13. Urban legend of children with entirely black eyes seen hitchhiking or appearing on the doorsteps of residential homes. It doesn’t get any creepier than that, folks.

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