All succeed in evoking powerful emotions

The Child Photo Competition is a community of art and photography that monthly host a photo contest, the CPC Portrait Awards. This series of competitions intends to inspire rising child photographers, by giving them publicity, acceptance and recognition.

Scroll through a number of worthy selections, all winners of the CPC Portrait Award, of the last twelve months – and why not, make your pick.

1. Winner of May 2019 – “Shades of Melancholy” by Oliwia Major, Netherlands.

2. Winner of April 2019 -“Butterfly Effect” by Mariola Glajcar, Poland.

3. Winner of March 2019 – “Izzy” by Anna Salek, UK.

4. Winner of February 2019- “Carnival” by Kaat Stieber, The Netherlands.

5. Winner of January 2019 – “Marcys and Friends” by Rachel Stewart, UK.

6. Winner of December 2018 CPC Portrait Awards – “Kadinand Cane Corso” by Lizzie Gilmour, New Zealand.

7. Winner of November 2018 – “The Girl and Her Raven” by Rachel Stewart, UK.

8. Winner of October 2018 – “Between” by Monika Serek, Poland.

9. Winner of September 2018 – “Black and White” by Aga Tetera, UK.

10. Winnerof August 2018 – “Waiting” by Emma K. Sato, Japan

11. Winner of July 2018 – “Red & Green” by Mariola Glajcar, Poland.

12. Winner of June 2018 – “Amelia” by Kamila Celary-Kmiecik, Poland.