by Melissa Faithful

Yes it is possible and these 10 female artists are the living proof that street art is not a male-dominated world!

And while they’re probably equal to Banksy when it comes to their imagination, skills and ability to comment, the variety of their work makes them stand out.

One of the most interesting of the list is Afghan artist Shamsia Hassani, who works in Afghanistan and incorporates thematic elements like the burqa into her images. I believe there are many who forget all the tragedy women face in Afghanistan. That is why I use my paintings as a means to remind the people. I want to highlight the matter in the society, with paintings reflecting women in burqas everywhere. And I try to show them bigger than what they are in reality, and in modern forms, in shaped in happiness, movement, maybe stronger. I try to make people look at them differently,” she explained in an interview with Street Art Bio.

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1. Lady Pink


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2. Shamsia Hassani

3. Faith47

4. Lady Aiko


6. Olek

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7. Maya Hayuk

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3. Clare Rojas

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9. Miss Van

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10. Alice Mizrahi

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