Describing her style as “magical impressionism”

As many have done in mythology, Philadelphia-based Lindsay Rapp relates the beauty and energy of water to feminine power. Water has long been equated with the feminine aspects of creation, nature and spirituality. She sees the ocean as life giving, fertile, powerful, sensual, changing and mysterious. In her art, her brush strokes mimic expressions of water. Her paints create currents, splashes and fluidity. She is inspired by water’s glimmering interaction with light. Lindsay discovered a unique technique to imitate the effects of water’s refractive nature: using rare precious materials such as genuine metallic seashells, dichroics, 24k gold, silver, and using layers of translucent, reflective plexiglass. The harmony of these elements combined with the dichotomy of her muses’ power and softness reflects her interpretation of the sea in relation to femininity.

About the artist

“Born and raised in Florida, my passion for painting was discovered when I was 4 years old.

Endless hours of my youth were spent at the beach, painting and analyzing the colorful movement of the waves. My brother & I were practically raised on a sailboat. My dad, also a recreational surfer from Newport Beach, passed down his love of water to me. He would always teach me about the waves and beauty in the ocean… Since then, I’ve always been really pulled towards the sea.

Fueled by curiosity and an eagerness to grow in my craft, I left Clearwater Beach in 2009 to attend a dual degree program in Philadelphia, at both the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania. My days were spent over books in the library and sleepless nights were spent creating paintings in the studio.

One year after graduating, in 2015 at the age of 24, I opened up my first Studio Gallery in Old City, Philadelphia on Gallery Row. It was an incredible time of my life and such a successful 4 year experience. During my time in the city, much of my inspiration came from dreams and memories of the beach in Florida and California as well as my travels around the world to different bodies of water.Philadelphia had inspired my art by strengthening my identity and connection to the ocean as my home.

During my travels to different bodies of water, I felt driven to create artwork to raise awareness and funds to help conserve the ocean and its marine life. In 2018, at the age of 27, here I find myself in the midst of opening up my new Art Studio Gallery in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach, California. It has been my dream to live and paint here ever since I was a child, and I can’t believe my dream is coming true! My ability to move here and open up the studio gallery of my dreams is all thanks to the love and support of my family, my Fiancé, and every customer who has invested in welcoming my artwork into their home. Thank you for taking the time to experience my artwork and to read a little bit more about my life. Feel free to reach out to me or visit my new gallery in Laguna Beach, I would love to get to know you too!”