Welcome to the new, fascinating age of modelling.


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Text: Iliana Deligiorgi

It’s not that fashion or any profession doesn’t need people of ’90-60-90′ body measurements. It’s that it needs diversity. Different people, gorgeous in their own ways, charming because of their uniqueness or lovely due to their luck of uniqueness. Beautiful, because they are just beautiful, their beauty impossible to measure or to define.

Meet the most-talked-about models of the new fashion generation, which seems the most exciting of them all, because it doesn’t comply to ‘what people tell me to do with myself’, but to ‘what I want to do with myself’.


andreja perić
Andreja Perić doesn’t go as Andrej anymore.


Jillian Mercado is really selective when it comes to footwear.


shaun ross
Shaun Ross is the first male albino model…for Alexander McQueen and Givenchy.


carmen dell'orefice
Carmen Dell’Orefice just can’t be over 80.


lineisy montero
Lineisy Montero didn’t expect the impact her natural hairstyle would have. However, she fights for it.


rain dove
F or M? Rain Dove just doesn’t care which one you guess.


alex minsky
Fortunately, Alex Minsky doesn’t pose fully dressed.


brunette moffy
Brunette Moffy is a lucky green-eyed brunette.


winnie harlow
Winnie Harlow doesn’t use as much foundation she was advised to.


Robyn Lawley is multitasking between runways, photoshoots and cookbooks.