by Maria Sofou

Halloween is on its way and so are tons of really offensive costumes, ready to be worn by ignorance all over the world.

It wouldn’t really be Halloween season without the following racist, sexist, transphobic and all-around offensive costumes, dominating sites and stores globally. Every year, things seem to get worse and this is no fun at all. We are now past the point where Halloween was considered to be dangerous due to urban legends of razors inside apples – celebrating the worst stereotypes against people is not only dangerous but can be really harmful.

Get over it, people. There is nothing funny about ignorance.

This is why:


This costume, inspired by Caitlyn’s Jenner Vanity Fair cover is just offensive. Trasgender identity is not something you put on and take off for a night. Transphobia is not cool, guys. Google it.


We are truly wondering why mental illness is considered to be costume material. People diagnosed with mental illness suffer from stigma and discrimination everyday. Your stupid Halloween disguise is the last thing they need.


Last time we checked most cultures prefer not to be reduced to a drunken pageantry. This is truly disrespectful.


Enough with the racial stereotypes. Not cool. Think it twice, amigos.


Fetishizing and hypersexualizing an entire race of women is so offensive. Halloween is not a Get-Out-of-Cultural-Appropriation-Jail-Free Card.

Dressing as a female body part is not funny, you guys. Stop making a fool of yourselves and drop it.


Women that study hard to get their degrees don’t need this kind of insulting stereotype. Also, in case you missed it, a woman can be sexy without being half-naked. Shocker.


Ok. A Halloween costume that mocks people in need. Not being able to afford basic provisions is not a joke, it’s a serious situation. Stop making fun of it.

Talking insulting, when did being overweight become a Halloween costume? Fat-shaming is not cool, fellas, it can be really hurtful.


Just no.