Monica Piloni is a Brazilian artist from Sao Paolo. She creates works of horror and distortion, as her bizarre artworks have the realism of real objects and the surrealism of an artistic mind. A it’s found on her website, Diógenes Moura writes about her work, Anthropophagic sculpture, the portrait of a woman dissecting the other. The naked sex, the hand that hauled the exhaust valve, transparent muscles with its almost liquid veins. Who looks at itself? A woman’s body organizes another same muscles which belong to one. So are two pictures that look up to handle the eagerness that accumulates in the corners of a bedroom.”

 monica-piloni_03 Cncavo-convexo-WEB_905 monica-piloni_05 bonecas2-web_905 Auto-Retrato-Autofgico_905 Cadeira-WEB_905 Autofagia_905 Impar-bronze monica-piloni_09 monica-piloni_01 monica-piloni_14 monica-piloni_10 monica-piloni_08 monica-piloni_06 monica-piloni_15 monica-piloni_13 monica-piloni_12 monica-piloni_02  monica-piloni_17monica-piloni_11