Okay, exploring life with your most precious body member is not only acceptable but also necessary. Every teenage boy -and by teenage boy we mean every man, needs to try a thing or two with it, as history has shown us -and by history we mean American Pie.

But this guy, this incredible, endless source of imagination plays the big game. Apparently, he can’t keeps his dick in his pants, as the little guy has a life of his own, with real feelings, needs, troubles and all. The documentation of this coexistence is the craziest TMI material you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Watch the “little dude” below as he does all kinds of normal things like reading a book, enjoying a bath, drinking wine etc

Also, this is not just NSFW, this is not safe for your eyes, your mind and your soul, so if you are one of those people who’ve seen already too much shit in their lives, please close this tab now.

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