Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

David Cerný is a Czech sculptor and a famous bad boy in the contemporary art scene. From his provocative works to his website, Cerny creates solid and digital comments on society, politics and the art world, charged with imagination and humor.

Morbid but witty, Cerny’s works are usually installed in public spaces, like the Prague Castle. The artist opens a dialogue concerning his country’s government policies, a feature that has given him the label of “political artist”. Amongst his most famous large-scale pieces are the pink Soviet tank that served as a war memorial in Prague and “Gesture”, a larger-than-life purple middle finger raised to the front of Prague Castle, home of the president.

Cerny doesn’t focus on shocking the passerby and residents of Prague, even tough that comes naturally for them. He wants to create works as a reminder of the history of his country to both Czechs and visitors.



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